Drive more ticket sales.

Venues, Teams, Events, and Artists can enable and expand ticket selling capability by letting customers search and purchase tickets directly within chat, increasing the top of funnel ticket discovery, and driving more ticket sales. 

  • Simplify the purchasing experience
  • Influence the discovery of tickets faster
  • Drive more traffic into the purchasing funnel
  • Keep customers directly on owned channels
  • Capture customer insights throughout the conversion funnel

Customer Success:

Wicked on Broadway integrated its Ticketmaster ticketing
partnership directly within the digital concierge and saw:

  • 7X increase in ROI
  • 20% higher average ticket price vs. industry average

New or Existing Customer?  Reach out to see how you can add the Ticketing Assistant to your channels. 


Features & Capabilities

Directly integrate with major ticket services.

Own the ticket sales conversation by allowing customers to directly purchase within owned digital channels.

  • Integrate with most major ticketing services
  • Manage inventory requests by price, type, and location
  • Complete a purchase without linking off the owned property
  • Available for Web chat, App, FB Messenger, SMS

Ticketing Partners:

  • Ticketmaster
  • Telecharge
  • AXS 

Features coming soon: Apple Pay, Amazon Pay