Vaccine Site Assistant

Deflect vaccine center operation questions related to your venue in real-time, directly on your website, with our free Assistant.

Informed by hundreds of vaccine-related questions seen across our Venue clients, our Vaccine Site Assistant can answer visitors most-asked questions. Similar to our previous COVID-19 Assistant, the Vaccine Site Assistant informs visitors of rapidly changing information within an easy to edit interface. The simple guided-flow allows visitors to select from the most relevant questions needed to help provide a frictionless experience. 

What You Get:

  1. On-Demand Information - Answer questions automatically and directly on your website.
  2. Guided-flow - Answer the most-asked vaccination site related questions, identified from our collected response data.
  3. Quick Install - Install the bot quickly with a simple snippet code on your website with the ability to include a direct link within social media messaging and/or emails.
  4. Answer Editor - Adjust your answers in real-time with our self-serve content updating tool.
  5. Free installation and use - Keep the Assistant on your site as long as it is needed.



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